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2019 News


Dr. Raddawi has joined our program

October 27, 2019

Dr. RaddawiWe are pleased to welcome Dr. Rana Raddawi to our MENA Languages program. She is currently teaching 2 sections of first-year Arabic and one section of second-year Arabic. Dr. Raddawi has seventeen years of university-level teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate levels. She holds a Ph.D. in Translation Studies from Sorbonne, Paris in Arabic/English/ French languages. She is fluent in English, Arabic, French, Portuguese and Turkish. Her research interests relate to Second language acquisition and pedagogy, cross-cultural studies (her edited volume on intercultural communication with Arabs was published in 2015), and translation/interpreting.

Dr. Topçuoğlu recognized for her teaching

October 25, 2019

oyaAssociated Student Government
Faculty Honor Roll 2018-2019

Dr. Topçuoğlu was recognized for her work in MENA 101 Turkish Food
& Cuisine by the Associated Student Government. One student remarked: “her class and teaching style was fun, promoted excitement about the topics, and made us genuinely want to come to class and learn more each day.” Another student wrote, Dr. Topçuoğlu is “super enthusiastic about her work, and this makes her students more passionate about what they're studying.” Dr. Topçuoğlu received her Ph.D. in Near and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Chicago and is currently a Lecturer in the Middle East and North African Languages program. Read her full biography here. The Associated Student Government is honored to present this distinction to Dr. Topçuoğlu.

Dr. Lys recognized for her teaching

October 25, 2019

lysAssociated Student Government
Faculty Honor Roll 2018-2019

Professor Franziska Lys is recognized by the Associated Student Government for her work in German 405 “Basic Issues in Foreign Teaching.”  One student said Professor Lys “challenged me to think critically about foreign language pedagogy, my biases and strengths as a teacher and a human, and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone.” Another student stated Professor Lys “is an amazing professor and is a large part of why I want to become a teacher.”  Professor Lys received her PhD in Linguistics from Northwestern University and is currently Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in German as well as the Director of the MENA Languages Program. Read her full biography here . The Associated Student Government is honored to present this distinction to Dr. Lys.





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