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Charlene Mitchell wins Meteor Award

May 7, 2022

Our very own departmental assistant Charlene Mitchell won the Meteor Award for Excellence in a New Position for 2021-2022. This award recognizes an outstanding staff member, employed within the College for a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years, who has achieved excellence in their new position in a relatively short period of time. They possess excellent initiative, resourcefulness, adaptability, and coachability. Congratulations, Charlene. We could not be more happy with all of the support you are providing us. You excel in everything you do and you very  much deserve this award.

The faculty in the MENA Languages program provided excellent and creative input for the nomination.  Here are some excerpts:

“Since her first day, Charlene has been shown an exceptional motivation and care that greatly improve the program... Charlene joined our program at a very difficult time, right after we split up from MENA Studies. We didn't have any support staff and were in desperate need of a competent, resourceful and efficient person to help our program get back on its feet. Within days of starting as our program assistant, Charlene proved to be exactly that person. Despite being a temporary part-time employee, she dedicated hours of work to getting to know each and every member of the MENA Languages faculty, understanding the dynamics and needs of the program... She quickly adapted to our pace and became an indispensable member of our team. The pandemic was an abrupt change that forced us all to adjust to a new reality with many challenges. During that time of uncertainty Charlene was a stable address to turn to with any administrative needs. She worked closely with all of us and responded fast and efficiently to emails and requests and often zoomed with us to keep a personal connection. She was extremely in tune with what we needed to teach online with success.” 

“Charlene exceeds the requirements of this position and goes far and beyond in supporting language faculty and students. Charlene is extremely organized and greatly successful at prompting faculty to important deadlines, event organizations, finding resources to support and be present at events... Her superior communication skills, resourcefulness, organizational skills, and efficiency are evident in whatever she does...Her service-oriented approach is far reaching and goes beyond what a University or a department/program could expect.” 

“Just a few days ago, when nobody was around, Charlene approached a new faculty member standing in the hallway with a kind smile and offered to show her around, taking her to her new office and making sure the new faculty member has everything she needed. It was heartwarming to see it, and another assurance for me of Charlene’s generosity and devotion to her workplace and its people. I cannot think of anyone who is more worthy of this award than Charlene Mitchell.”