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Fall 2021 Class Schedule

Course Course Number Meeting Instructor
First-Year Arabic ARABIC 111-1-20 MWF 9:30-10:40AM Rana Raddawi
First-Year Arabic ARABIC 111-1-21 MWF 11AM-12:10PM Ragy Mikhaeel
First-Year Arabic ARABIC 111-1-22 MWF 2-3:10PM Fadia Antabli
Second-Year Arabic ARABIC 121-1-20 MWF 11AM-12:10PM Fadia Antabli
Second-Year Arabic ARABIC 121-1-21 MWF 3:30-4:40PM Fatima Khan
Third-Year Arabic ARABIC 211-1 MWF 2-3:10PM Rana Raddawi
Language & Culture: Arab Integration ARABIC 216-0 MW 5-6:20PM Fatima Khan
Classic Arabic Texts: 1001 Nights ARABIC 316-2 MW 2-3:20PM Ragy Mikhaeel
First-Year Hebrew HEBREW 111-1 MTWTh 10-10:50AM Ronit Alexander
Second-Year Hebrew HEBREW 121-1 MTWTh 11-11:50AM Hanna Tzuker Seltzer
Hebrew Language and Literature: City of Jerusalem HEBREW 216-1 TTh 2:00-3:20PM Hanna Tzuker Seltzer
Second-Year Persian PERSIAN 121-1 MTWTh 4-4:50PM
Taymaz Pour Mohammad
First-Year Turkish TURKISH 111-1 MTWTh 11-11:50am Oya Topcuoglu
Second-Year Turkish TURKISH 121-1 MTWTh 1-1:50PM Oya Topcuoglu
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