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Fatima Khan and Ragy Mikhaeel receive grants for their research

May 8, 2022

Congratulations to Fatima Khan

Professor Khan received a Provost Grant for the continued development of the Arabic Student's Dictionary. Professor Khan’s online dictionary locates the root (Arabic is a root and pattern language, where one root could be part of many different words) and provides all the related words, expressions and common phrases with a few simple clicks.  The Office of the Provost supports excellence in faculty scholarly and creative work through the Provost Grants for Research in Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts. In 2021 2022, priority was given to faculty who have had significant caregiving responsibilities during the period of the pandemic, and to projects that assist faculty with recovery from COVID19-related disruptions to their research and creative work.

Congratulations to Ragy Mikhaeel

Professor Mikhaeel's proposal to develop Open Educational Resources for first- and second-year Arabic was chosen to receive a $ 5000 grant through Northwestern’s Affordable Instructional Resources initiative. Professor Mikhaeel will continue to develop “Living Arabic” which exposes students to the spoken dialect presenting the Arab/Egyptian culture. The site currently contains 45 dialogues of conversational Arabic, and Professor Mikhaeel will add interactive exercises and vocabulary explanations in an attempt to introduce more modern, proficiency-based materials in his teaching. The new site will be an open resource for NU students and students of Arabic at the global level. Affordable Instructional Resources (AIR) is a network of Northwestern faculty and staff interested in reducing the course material costs in order to create more inclusive and accessible learning environments.