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MENA Languages can count for divers majors and minors

Courses in Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, and Persian can be used for majors or minors in the programs outlined below.


Minor in Arabic

The MENA LANGUAGES PROGRAM offers a Minor in Arabic Language starting Fall 2023. For the  Arabic Minor, students will need to take six courses in Arabic beyond second-year Arabic. More information is available here.


MENA Studies Major and Minor

The MENA STUDIES PROGRAM offers an interdisciplinary Major (requires a study abroad experience in the Middle East or North Africa) as well as a Minor (there is no study abroad required) in MENA studies.  The major as well as the minor combine substantial training in a relevant language – Arabic, Persian, Turkish, or Hebrew – and a stimulating, well-rounded mix of History, Humanities, and Social Science courses related to the Middle East and North Africa. You will find more information here.


Jewish Studies Major or Minor; Hebrew studies Minor

The JEWISH STUDIES PROGRAM offers a Major in Jewish Studies as well as a Minor in Jewish Studies and a Minor in Hebrew Studies.


German Major and German Studies Minor

The German Department offers a Major in German and a Minor in German StudiesUp to three Turkish courses can contribute to the German major or German studies minor.