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Diversity, equity, inclusion

The MENA Languages program represents the languages and cultures of a distinctly diverse region and diversity, equity, and inclusion are especially meaningful concepts for us to foster a vibrant intellectual community where students, faculty, and staff can feel welcome and can excel. Hence, our philosophy is to be mindful of cultural differences and respect contrasting perspectives, values, beliefs, traditions, and world views that have been shaped by various backgrounds, histories, and experiences. Our overall aim is to train responsible global citizens, leaders, bridge builders, and future agents of change through the lens of language, literature, and culture. To that end, our multi-cultural and multi-ethnic faculty makes a conscientious effort to provide equal opportunities for all, embrace diversity, and challenge and respond to bias and discrimination. Ultimately, we strive to create a climate where students, faculty, and staff are kind, considerate, respectful, and accepting of others and their values.