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Study abroad

Northwestern University classrooms now extend well beyond the Evanston campus. One of the best ways to get proficient in a language and explore, meet different people and and expand cultural interests is to live and study abroad.  

The GLO website is the primary resource for study abroad programs and the application process.  It has information specific to each College and major or minor, including MENA Languages Program, a MENA Studies Major or Minor, and a Hebrew Studies and Jewish Studies Major or Minor.   Use the Global Gateway to search for study abroad programs according to term, region, country, language of instruction, subject and discipline, and program type.  

The GLO's current list of affiliated programs includes many in countries all over the world, including in North Africa and the Middle East. Some programs are university-based, meaning that students live in one place and commute to school to take university courses. Other programs are field-based, meaning that they focus more on fieldwork and independent research projects. Some programs specialize in a particular area of study — for example, music, political science, or social justice — while others are general programs, with a full range of university offerings.  Whatever your interests may be, the Office of Undergraduate Learning Abroad has a program for you! Northwestern's list of sites is constantly changing and growing, so be sure to contact the Office of Undergraduate Learning Abroad for updated information or to make an appointment with an advisor.

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